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Greg Roberts (Whisper) Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023
If you want to take what’s old and make it look new or take what’s new and ensure it never looks old hit up my man Bryce at Rebel Eddie’s on Velp. Just had my 02 Sportster detailed and it looks showroom ready. If you know me you know I ride all year round so my bikes are put to the test and see some pretty unusual & harsh riding conditions. Bryce was able to make 21 years of hard riding disappear in one session of detailing. She hasn’t looked this good since it rolled off the showroom floor.

I was so impressed I dropped my bagger off in exchange for my Sportster. It turned out too sweet not to do both bikes. Can’t wait to see the magic he works on my bagger. It’s not simply a standard detailing like most, where it gets washed and waxed. Rebel Eddie’s is a full service spa for your vehicle! If you love your rides like I do, treat them right and let Bryce & the Crew take you down memory lane to where it all began. A pristine piece of art that shined brighter than all others as you rolled it off the showroom floor. When they are done breathing new life & beauty back into your well used ride I have to warn you the results will leave you asking… do I ride it or just take pics & show it off? Well if you know me it’s time to ride!

Rebel Eddie’s isn’t just another wash & wax. It’s top down professional workmanship rooted in hard work where quality people are turning out a superior product. Owned by local people who serve our local community. Check them out for cleaning, coating and so much more!

Greg Roberts Sportster 1200